Hernia Repair/Breast Reconstruction


  • Repriza is an acellular dermal matrix prepared from human skin allograft for use in breast reconstructions, augmentations, and hernia repair.
  • The lattice-like architecture allows for excellent ingrowth to promote revascularization and graft incorporation.
  • Repriza is sterile, and may be stored at ambient temperature for up to two years.
  • It requires no rehydration, soaking or washing.
  • It may be used right out of the package and will demonstrate superior handling characteristics facilitating use by the surgeon.
  • The dermal matrix may be tailored as need to fit the intended use.
  • Each surface is the same so there is no need to orient the product.



  • SurgiMend is a collagen matrix for soft tissue reconstruction intended for implantation to reinforce weak or damaged soft tissues.
  • The product is specifically indicated for:
    • Plastic and reconstructive surgery
    • Muscle flap reinforcement
    • Hernia repair including abdominal, inguinal, diaphragmatic, femoral, scrotal, umbilical,and incisional hernias
  • SurgiMend handles like natural tissue; readily conforms to the surgical site, and is easily sutured.
  • SurgiMend's biochemistry and microporosity facilitate rapid cell penetration and revascularization.
  • SurgiMend acts as a scaffold that can be naturally and progressively integrated, remodeled, and eventually replaced by functional host tissue.
  • SurgiMend is manufactured using a patented process designed to remove cellular components and potentially infectious agents from the raw material, while preserving the biological properties and structure of native collagen.


SurgiMend White Papers