Quality Assurance

MIMTB is an independent international tissue dispensing service and distribution intermediary established to provide reliable availability of safe and high quality allografts for use by the U.S. Military.

We are registered with the US Food and Drug Administration.

We operate in accordance with the standards set forth by the American Association of Tissue Banks.

We obtain our allograft tissue from AATB accredited tissue banks with the highest industry standards including:

  • State-of-the-art techniques, utilized to maintain tissue integrity and safety.
  • All packaging is completed in a class-100 clean room environment.
  • Freeze-dried allograft is placed in heat-sealed triple Tyvek™ envelopes.
  • Frozen allograft is packaged in double Tyvek™ envelopes with inner most bag film on film.

For a copy of our FDA Registration number or further questions please contact us.